About Us

We are a company with over 30 years of experience in the hardware industry, with many years of retail and wholesale trade.
We are suppliers of a wide range of hardware and building material products to various stores around the country through our distribution company ‘P.M.B Hardware Wholelsalers’.
The group has a major competitive advantage thanks to the experience and knowledge of the directors, who have a strong foundation and good recognition in the hardware distribution industry.
We have the infrastructure, team and network of clients and suppliers to ensure the group grows and expands into a leading brand in the hardware industry of Southern Africa.

Ensuring we work closely and collectively with our franchisees, by offering the
best possible support, guidance, and competitive advantages that will promote
loyalty, teamwork, reward, and success for both parties.

To be a successful and winning team that will constantly strive and endeavour to be a leading hardware and building material brand nationally.
Together, we will ensure that we are always a key player in the marketplace, offering the best service, value and savings to all homebuilders.

– Honesty and Integrity
– Teamwork
– Unity
– Supportive

What We Offer

Over 30 years of experience in the hardware and building material

Retain your independance, keep your current identity, run your own
business, whilst enjoying the big group experience and branding.

Comprehensive range of suppliers across all major and minor products
categories ensuring you market quality products with the best
possible costing.

We negotiate the best prices with leading and strategic suppliers,
ensuring you enjoy the bulk group buying power and a serious competitive

We create regular promotional campaigns with you, ensuring our
brand is communicated to our valued customers. eg. brochures,
newspaper adverts, etc.

Usage of our brand name, as part of your signage ensuring your
store has a branded effect, and a big group identity.

Direct loads arranged from our network of suppliers minimizing logistics
costs, and ensuring best delivered prices.

Our team will be on the ball, ensuring we are in touch with the latest
product innovations locally, and from around the world.

Our distribution centre, stocks various local products, ensuring quick
deliveries and service on our core range, including a comprehensive
range of imported lines.

The option of a unique joint hardware and furniture franchise concept.

Options of hardware only, furniture only, and joint hardware and furniture
franchise concepts. More ‘Power’ concepts coming soon.

Competitive Advantages

– POWER to compete with the biggest brands and groups
– Increased fight for market share
– More profitability
– Big Brand Look and Feel
– Compehensive network of suppliers
– Best group prices negotiated
– Big Buying Power
– Strong focus on Core products and range
– Better variety of products offerings
– Constant advertising and marketing campaigns
– Shared Knowledge
– Distribution Centre
– Direct Deliveries
– Teamwork


Getting Started

Joining Power is simple and quick.
All we need is some of your valuable time, to discuss the concept, and ensure understanding and compatibility.
We would need you to sign some documents such as :
- the franchise agreement;
- other supporting documents;

And ... Welcome to the family!


In conclusion, we POWER your business to take on the challenges of the hardware and building industry whilst competing with major players through constant support and backing.
Retain your independence, whilst enjoying brand identity and increased profitability.

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494 Hoosen Haffejee Street, Pietermaritzburg, 3201

082 857 8607

Wholesale Enquiries:

033 345 4648
078 665 8271